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Why Hulls?
Both buckwheat and millet hulls offer firm yet malleable support. As you move, your pillow will shift and mold to your contours, providing even, restful support. The hulls do not compress under the weight of your head and neck the way foam or feathers pillows do. This minimizes the stress to your cervical spine, resulting in superb comfortable, functional support as you rest or sleep.

What is the difference between Buckwheat and Millet Hulls?
Buckwheat hulls have a unique shape that allows the hulls to nest inside each other, facilitating the easy movement of the fill to support your exact contours. The buckwheat hulls are quite sturdy, lasting many years with proper care.
Millet hulls are smoother and "quieter" than the buckwheat hulls, while still providing fabulous, firm support. The millet hulls have a more delicate structure, and may not last quite as many years as the buckwheat hulls. (Though they will still out-last your foam or feather pillows!

Take some time to get use to it...
Sleeping on your Riversong Contour Pillow is a unique experience. Take some time to become accustomed to this new feeling of comfort! Some people find a week or so is necessary to adapt to the extraordinary feel of the contour pillow.

How do I care for my Contour Pillow?
The more you use it, the better your pillow will work. As it is used, the hulls become polished and slippery, allowing the pillow to more easily conform to you as you move. As this occurs, the pillow will work better than new.

The Riversong Contour Pillow is washable. Remove the hulls first and set them aside. Both the pillow and pillowcase fabric are 100% cotton and washable in warm water. Tumble dry. Refill the pillow after washing. Do Not Wash the Hulls!

With Proper care, your pillow will provide years of comfort!

The instructions for use of the Riversong Contour Pillow should not be considered medical advice. If you have any questions about the best application of this pillow for you, consult your health care practitioner.
What will the Riversong Contour Pillow do for me?
With the cervical spine properly supported, many people experience relief from stiff neck, backache, muscle tension, snoring, sleeplessness, headache, and the discomfort associated with a "kinked neck".

How do I use it?
Because the Riversong pillow adjusts easily to your changing positions as you sleep, there is no need to reposition your pillow when you move. Our pillows are filled with enough hulls for a large person, but with a zippered end, you can completely customize your pillow's thickness for your own comfort. Sleeping on your back is suggested for maximum benefit. Simply make a hollow for your head and shift the hulls to create a "hill" for your neck. The goal is to lower your head and support the normal neck curve.

Example of laying on your back

Sleeping on your side works well too. On your side, the goal is to keep your neck straight and level with your spine.

Example of laying on your side.

Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended, as this can twist your neck causing stress to the cervical spine.


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