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Here are some reviews of our Riversong Contour Pillow...

"The Riversong Contour Pillow is superb - the firm yet pliable support it provides allows the deep relaxation of the muscles of the neck and shoulders, while helping to remodel the normal contours of the spine. I recommend it!"

- John Kojis, D.C.

"I went away for the weekend and forgot the pillow. After the first night, my neck was hurting. After the second night my neck and back were in pain. The first night I returned home and used the pillow, I felt relief from the pain. In fact when I put my head and neck on the pillow, I felt my neck popping into place. I have been very pleased with the comfort and support your pillow has given me."
- Sharon Merritt

"Thank you for the wonderful custom designed cervical pillow. All of your products have been exquisite, but this tops them all! My clients just love it; in fact I'm ordering another one just for myself."
- Kim Dewey, L.M.T.

Here are some reviews of our Riversong Silk Eye Pillow...

"It's wonderful! I use it when I go to sleep; it helps me relax at the end of the day. I also like to use it with clients after massage to let them rest, and help them integrate the work."
- Barbara Coffman, L.M.T.

"It blocks out the visual senses, allowing me to go deeper within."
- Jonie Sipiora, D.D.

"My eyes were burning, I lay down with a cold eye pillow and when I got up a short time later, my eyes felt great!"
- Margy Humphrey


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